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Gift from Nature

Indonesia has abundant natural wealth. Honey is one of it. NectarStory Indonesia is one of the high quality honey producers of the world.

NectarStory produces honey by collecting natural raw honey from beekeepers in Indonesia. Ensure all products are pure and processed without pollution for your health. Confirmed by SGS / KAN Bio-Test. Residue-free pesticides and hazardous materials.

Full Nutrition and Pure Aroma from Honey

Our investment and efforts are to maintain the nutrients and amylase enzymes that are needed by the body from our honey products. With a natural process that is control at low temperature (49oC).

Let consumers get 100% benefits and pure honey taste.

NectarStory focus quality
NectarStory taste pure aroma

100% NectarStory Pure Honey

We ensure processing honey naturally with the process of removing water without reducing the slightest nutrient contained in honey. Making 100% pure and original honey without a mixture of chemicals.

Longan honey has a distinctive aroma and taste that other pure honey does not have. Kapok honey is the only honey that contains folic acid from the vitamin B complex. Folic acid is very important to prevent the risk of babies who are disabled at birth in young pregnant women and during the pregnancy program.

Benefits of Drinking Honey Every Day

Honey has the benefits of preventing cancer and heart disease. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders. Benefits of honey as an antibacterial and anti-fungal. increase energy for strenuous activities. Treat cough and sore throat. Maintain blood sugar. Cure scratches and burns. Having the benefits of probiotics can strengthen the immune system.

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